Steamed Edamame
Salted steamed soy beans, shichimi seasoning
AED 23

Wasabi Prawns
Crispy battered prawns, mango salsa, wasabi mayonnaise
S: AED 45
L: AED 68

Chicken Satay
Chargrilled chicken, peanut sauce, onion, cucumber
S: AED 35
L: AED 45

Crispy Calamari
Battered calamari, smoked sea salt, crushed black pepper
AED 35


Pot Sticker
Pan fried gyoza, sesame, soy & coriander dressing
AED 35

Prawn Hargao
Steamed prawn dumpling, fragrant lime dressing
AED 32

Siew Mai
Steamed dumpling
Chicken (with hot chili bean sauce): AED 33
Seafood (with ginger & soy dip): AED 35

Vegetable Spring Rolls
Crispy spring rolls, coriander & sweet soy dressing
AED 32

Crispy Prawn Bags
Wonton wrapped prawns, coriander & sweet chili dip
AED 37


Singaporean Roast Duck
Crispy skinned roast duck, hoisin sauce, cucumber, leeks, pancakes
Quarter: AED 60
Half: AED 100
Whole: AED 180

Lemongrass Crusted Sea Bass
Seared, steamed sea bass, garlic, Szechuan pepper, lemongrass crust, green curry sauce
AED 90

Crispy Szechuan Beef
Crispy tenderloin beef strips, fragrant Szechuan spiced sauce
AED 60

Cambodian Duck Curry
Roast duck, rich & fragrant curry
AED 55

Wok Fried Chili Prawns& Calamari
Wok fried prawns, calamari, red chili ginger sauce
AED 65

Char Siu Baby Back Beef Ribs
Slow-cooked beef ribs, sticky char siu sauce, Firewalker rice
AED 70


Sambal Prawns
Jumbo prawns, buttered, sambal tamarind paste
AED 90

Sweet & Sour Chicken or Prawn
Crispy pieces of chicken or prawn, capsicum, pineapple, onion, sweet & sour sauce
Chicken: AED 53
: AED 70

Black Pepper Beef
Beef tenderloin, capsicum, onion, aromatic black pepper sauce
AED 60

Thai Chicken with Cashew Nut
Crispy chicken pieces, cashew nut, Thai chili sauce
AED 53

Indonesian Nasi Goreng
Chargrilled chicken satay, fried egg, prawn crackers
AED 53

Thai Green Curry
Aromatic green coconut curry, Thai basil
Chicken: AED 53
: AED 45

Beef Rendang
Slow cooked beef brisket, mild coconut curry
AED 60


Japanese Beef Brisket Noodles
Egg noodles, braised beef brisket, dashi
AED 55

Dan Dan Noodles
Rice noodles, Szechuan spiced minced chicken, chili oil, chicken broth
AED 55

Kung Pao Duck Noodles
Rice stick noodles, roasted duck, capsicum, cashew, kung pao sauce
AED 55

Shanghai Beef Noodle
Egg noodles, beef tenderloin, shitake mushrooms, sesame & oyster sauce
AED 60

Singapore Noodles
Rice vermicelli noodles, chicken, prawns
AED 55


Pad Thai
Rice stick noodles, prawns, fried tofu, beansprouts, tamarind sauce
AED 55

Bakmie Goreng
Yakisoba noodles, chicken, prawns, smoky oyster sauce
AED 55

Char Kway Teow Noodles
Flat rice noodles, Asian greens with signature oyster sauce
Beef: AED 58
Seafood: AED 60
Vegetable: AED 50


Singaporean Curry Laksa
Laksa noodles, chicken, prawns, tofu, fish balls, coconut curry soup
S: AED 45
L: : AED 55

Tom Yam Goong
Prawns, mushrooms, aromatic spicy sour stock
S: AED 35
L: : AED 45

Hot & Sour Soup
Chicken, prawns, tofu
S: AED 35
L: : AED 45

Duck Wonton Soup
Roast duck, ban mien noodles, duck dumplings
S: AED 35
L: : AED 45

Vegetable Noodle Soup
Asian greens, mushrooms, vegetable stock
S: AED 30
L: : AED 40



Cantonese Fried Rice
Marinated beef, snow peas & scrambled egg
AED 30

Firewalker Rice
Blend of spicy, wok fried rice, sambal, chili oil, carrot, capsicum
AED 15

Egg Fried Rice
Wok fried jasmine rice & egg
AED 15

Vegetable Fried Rice
Wok fried jasmine rice, carrots, green beans & corn
AED 15

Jasmine Rice
AED 10

Brown Rice
AED 10


Asian Greens
Wok fried, vegetariannsoy sauce, fried garlic
AED 20

Kang Kung Belachan
Wok fried Chinese morning glory, belachan chili sauce
AED 20

Wok fried, vegetarian soy sauce, ginger, fried garlic
AED 20

Roti Canai
Pan fried Malaysian bread
AED 15

Prawn Crackers
Traditional crispy crackers
AED 15


Dessert Pau (3 pieces)
Steamed dessert dim sum
Coffee & Caramel: AED 25
Salted Egg Custard: AED 25
Kaya: Coconut jam, egg custard: AED 25

Mango Passion Cheesecake
Classic cheesecake, mango and passion fruit jam
AED 25

Sticky Banana and Date Pudding
Warm banana and date pudding, caramelised ginger ice cream, salted caramel sauce
AED 25

Yuzu & Peanut Cake
Yuzu, chocolate and peanut cake, popping candy, yuzu ice cream
AED 25


Ice Cream and Sorbet Selection
AED 12/scoop

• Vanilla ice cream
• Chocolate ice cream
• Yuzu ice cream
• Matcha tea ice cream
• Caramelised ginger ice cream
• Passion fruit sorbet
• Lemongrass and lime sorbet

*Served with a rolled wafer and a choice of the following toppings:

• Toasted coconut
• Roasted peanuts
• Popcorn
• Chocolate sauce
• Salted caramel sauce
• Lemongrass ginger sauce

Crispy Banana
Crispy fried banana, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce
AED 25


Lemon Cooler
Blended mint, lemon, water, syrup
AED 23

Eastern Promise
Fresh milk, pineapple juice, coconut, caramel syrup
AED 23

Guangdong Crush
Blended strawberries, lychees, cranberry juice, soda
AED 23

Oriental Field
Watermelon, apple juice, fresh basil
AED 23

Strawberry & Basil Lemonade
Blended strawberries, apple juice, fresh basil, ginger ale
AED 23

Mango & Basil Lemonade
Blended mango, apple juice, fresh basil, ginger ale
AED 23

Dragon Blossom
Blended raspberries, cranberry juice, lemon juice, rosewater
AED 23

Blended apple, kiwi, cucumber juice
AED 23



Fresh Iced Tea
Lemongrass Delight
Ginger Tea Breeze
Mint Iced Tea
Raspberry Blossom
Lychee’s Pine

AED 18


Loose Leaf Jasmine Pearls
Loose Leaf Jade Sword Green Tea
Blackcurrant & Hibiscus
Lemongrass & Ginger

AED 17